Healthy Alternative

Everyday we take the very best quality fresh ingredients & create a mouth-watering selection of Cakes, Brownies, Cookies, Puddings & a variety of other Sweets and Treats.

Available in both Family room & Lounge all day. Incredibly, our superb desserts are always carefully created to ensure your health is never compromised, with choices of Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-free & Raw. You’ll be amazed how something that tastes so good, can be so good for you!


When you surprise someone with our incredible desserts you can be sure they´ll enjoy it, regardless of any diet restrictions & indulge guilt-free 🙂 All orders are available for delivery or collection.


We care because You care.. we focus on quality raw ingredients to always bring you honest, healthy & delicious desserts

Our desserts are for everybody, regardless of any food allergies or limitations (celiac, vegans etc), while never sacrificing flavour. Choosing seasonal raw ingredients is a key part of our menu. We work all year round to find the very best local products to create exciting & delicious dishes your health can trust.
We were the first to offer RAW desserts in Kosice, a decision based on our own food philosophy & never blindly following a trend. Today our menu is carefully prepared to bring you a variety of food for any time of day, with attention to high quality ingredients in every dish

Nutritious & Delicious

We understand our ingredients, we understand the Vegetarian, Vegan & RAW lifestyles and most importantly we understand how nutrition effects overall health

We use our knowledge to combine flavours and ingredients creating a perfect balance between what your body needs & what your body wants.
We always try to use healthier sweeteners, such as local honey, agave syrup, maple syrup, dates & stevia. We also focus on maintaining an adequate glycemic index count with each dessert, especially when RAW. We do not use sugar-beet, when we do use sugar it is always cane or coconut sugar

Local over Organic

Although many products we use are certified organic we firmly believe that Local food is greener than Organic

The majority of local farmers we have encountered in & around Slovakia, do in fact practice organic processes but find it hard to receive certification, due to costs & the mountains of paperwork involved. For us “Organic & Local” is a matter of course and not a marketing gimmick, so much so that we don’t label every dish Organic...although it usually is