Our concept is a café that offers delicious light food, desserts & drinks for every “body” whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, dairy / gluten / sugar free or raw, you’ll find choices perfect for you

Striving to bring you exceptional products we believe in sourcing local & organic ingredients whenever possible, as a philosophy of sustainable and ethical living.

We offer fresh drinks, breakfast, brunch, lunch & an all-day food menu. Every day we prepare fresh cakes & sweets made from high quality healthy ingredients. People with food restrictions don’t miss out, as our menu is loaded with “free from” drinks & dishes. Our focus on nutrition and health make our menu ideal for everyone including weight loss, children, allergy sufferers, athletes & sportsmen.

Select the atmosphere right for you & choose between the “Family” cafe’s modern comfort with a soft & clean kid’s corner, or the elegant & homely charm of the “Lounge”, where the smell of fresh ground coffee & great music blend together to create an ideal retreat.

Premium Coffee

When quality Coffee is the kick you need we have the right cup for you, choose from our two original Domenico roasts “Barista Blend” & “Artisan Blend”, as well as a selection of hand-picked speciality coffees from around the world.

Our Baristas pay attention to the quality of each & every coffee we serve, including all the classics you’ve come to expect from a great café plus some specialities that might become your new favourite like our Cappuccino Brulee, Chai Latte or Goats Milk Cappriccino. In addition to fresh Organic cow’s milk we have a huge selection of alternative milks.. Almond, Rice, Coconut, Goats, Lactose Free & Alpine Maresi Milk. For healthy alternative sweeteners we have local Organic Honey & Agave Syrup.
If you want less caffeine in your cup, simply order Ristretto rather than Espresso. If it´s caffeine-free you want then try our Chicory coffee “Caro“ a caffeine-free barley-based coffee alternative without the chemical residue, acidity or raised LDL cholesterol that comes with typical “Decaff“.


We’re the Cafe that cares and at any-time of day you can confidently enjoy our delicious selection of dishes, knowing that you are giving your body Clean & Nutritious fuel, to power you through even the most demanding day

Get off to a great start with quality smoothie bowls, omega rich chia puddings or maybe a high energy coconut porridge or granola. Re-fuel with savoury croissants, banana bread with fruit & mascarpone, super nutritious raw soup or our phenomenal dips. For a light-bite the Crostini selection of open sandwiches topped with truly inspired flavours are sure to delight your taste buds. Our healthier sandwiches begin with healthier bread, so our baguettes & toasted panini are quality spelt sourdough, while the “Domenico Club” and “Beet sandwich” are prepared on brown seed or gluten-free. Our homemade wraps are handmade locally with healthy spelt flour.
Feel like something more substantial? then try our fantastic Sourdough Bagels with a range of fillings (containing over 50% less Gluten than the original) with a range of fillings.
We know enjoying your meal is better with good company, so why not share a great selection of Tapas with friends choose from the Mediterranean, the Crostini Platter & the Veggie Platter.
We’re confident whatever your taste we’ve got something perfect for you, so treat yourself, indulge & always, always leave room for our exceptional desserts


Cool & refreshing on a hot day or warm & soothing when things get chilly, San Domenico’s passion for creating delicious & healthy is poured into every glass

If quality Coffee is the kick you need then we have the right cup for you, all the classics you’ve come to expect from a great café plus some specialties that might become your new favourite, including Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Cappuccino Brulee, Dirty Chai Latte & Goats Milk Cappuccino. All of our Coffee menu can be ordered with a selection of alternative milks... Soy, Rice, Almond, Coconut, Goats, Lactose Free, Organic & Alpine Maresi
Feeling indulgent? Sit back & enjoy a Hot Chocolate with 60% real chocolate & cream, Almond milk or Lactose Free. For a truly healthy Chocolate choice try the Organic Hot Cacao with rice milk & cinnamon. Our extensive selection of Teas will warm you up & soothe your mind, choose from Fresh Teas, Herbal Teas, Green Teas, Black Teas, Rooibos (De-Caff) Teas, Pu-erh Tea & Fruit Teas.. ditch the sugar for alternative sweeteners, local Organic Honey & Agave Syrup.
Need a refresher? We’ve got you covered… lemonades including Mint, Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Ginger & Forest Fruits. A selection of Juices, freshly pressed and packed full of vitamins & minerals to boost your energy. For the most nutrient dense refreshment our original Smoothies are the very best in town, try the minty “Santorini”, fruity “Andalusia”, green “Dublin” & more

Homemade, Local & Organic

We select only the very best ingredients for our homemade products, to bring you a delicious & nutritious range you can trust. We have a tireless commitment to sourcing locally farmed & organic ingredients throughout every season

Every-day we prepare the healthiest guilt-free breakfasts, lunches, pastries, dips, cakes & sweets, to satisfy your every craving. We´re committed and passionate about making real, honest food with maximum nutrition for optimum health benefits.
Our Homemade range of ingredients & products are all made with dedication by our team, so you can be assured of the quality in every sip & every bite. Nutella for your warm croissant, jams for your Bagel, refreshing Chia puddings, Smoothie Bowls, Granola, Swiss Oats, Banana Bread, Hummus, Pesto, Soups, Raw Falafel & more. We create our own dressings for salads & sandwiches, vegan Parmesan & vegan Mayo. Our selection of natural breads, bagels & wrappers are also homemade locally including, Spelt, Sourdough, Brown Seed and Gluten & Dairy-free. Our commitment doesn’t end there, even our herb butter is made in-house. Our drinks receive the same care & commitment, the “Vanilla Cappucinno” is made with 100% Bourbon Vanilla, Lemonades with our own range of syrups, even the garnish in your Aperol Spritz is homemade.
All of our desserts are handmade in our “Cakery” & many are gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free, vegan or raw, but always delicious