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Welcome to San Domenico Cafe where a cosy atmosphere, elegant design, great service & good music await


Everyday we take the very best quality fresh ingredients & create a mouth-watering selection of Cakes, Brownies, Cookies, Puddings & a variety of other Sweets and Treats. Available in both Family room & Lounge all day.


Coffee, Cakes, Gifts, Food, Cups, Equipment & so much more…


San Domenico Catering services have custom made packages to meet the requirements of your event


The “Domenico Coffee Academy” is where we share our passion & dedication to making great coffee.
Our expert Barista’s offer a selection of courses aimed at improving your skills & elevating your coffee experience, with knowledge, confidence & training


All the things we love to share..
Recipes, Tips, Nutrition, Books, Lifestyle, Healthy Living &
The Domenico Family