Zdravá Alternatíva

Každý deň pre Vás pripravujeme z tých najčerstvejších a najkvalitnejších ingrediencií neodolateľnú ponuku koláčov, brownies, cookies, pudingov a množstva iných sladkostí i lahôdok


Available in both Family room & Lounge all day. Incredibly, our superb desserts are always carefully created to ensure your health is never compromised, with choices of Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-free & Raw. You’ll be amazed how something that tastes so good, can be so good for you!


When you surprise someone with our incredible desserts you can be sure they´ll enjoy it, regardless of any diet restrictions & indulge guilt-free 🙂 All orders are available for delivery or collection.


Zaujíma nás čo zaujíma Vás… zameriavame sa na kvalitné suroviny aby sme Vám vždy vedeli poskytnúť poctivé, zdravé a lahodné koláče


Our desserts are for everybody, regardless of any food allergies or limitations (celiac, vegans etc), while never sacrificing flavour. Choosing seasonal raw ingredients is a key part of our menu. We work all year round to find the very best local products to create exciting & delicious dishes your health can trust.
We were the first to offer RAW desserts in Kosice, a decision based on our own food philosophy & never blindly following a trend. Today our menu is carefully prepared to bring you a variety of food for any time of day, with attention to high quality ingredients in every dish

Nutričné a lahodné

Vyznáme sa v naších ingredienciách, ako aj vo vegetariánskom, vegánskom, či RAW stravovaní, no predovšetkým rozumieme tomu, ako strava ovplyvňuje naše celkové zdravie


We use our knowledge to combine flavours and ingredients creating a perfect balance between what your body needs & what your body wants.
We always try to use healthier sweeteners, such as local honey, agave syrup, maple syrup, dates & stevia. We also focus on maintaining an adequate glycemic index count with each dessert, especially when RAW. We do not use sugar-beet, when we do use sugar it is always cane or coconut sugar

Bio & Miestne

Aj napriek tomu, že mnoho produktov je certifikovane bio, veríme, že miestne jedlo je oveľa zdravšie a “zelenšie” ako bio


The majority of local farmers we have encountered in & around Slovakia, do in fact practice organic processes but find it hard to receive certification, due to costs & the mountains of paperwork involved. For us “Organic & Local” is a matter of course and not a marketing gimmick, so much so that we don’t label every dish Organic...although it usually is